Starting a PhD

The information below is meant for enrolled PhD candidates at Wageningen University only.

How to apply for a PhD position?

To apply for a PhD position we would like to refer you to the Wageningen University website and the Timetable for your PhD programme.

Starting a VLAG PhD project at Wageningen University - introduction and actions to be taken

I - Registration at the VLAG office

When you start your PhD project, please register at the VLAG office as soon as possible (preferably in the first week of your project).

PhD registration form

II - Project proposal

Your supervisor submits the project proposal to the secretariat of the graduate school. In case of the so-called 'sandwich PhD construction' you and your supervisor will have to submit the research plan within 6 months after the start of your PhD study. Normally this will be at the end of your first study period in the Netherlands.
Please check with VLAG if your supervisor has submitted your project proposal.

III - Educational programme

For new VLAG PhD candidates a special course is organised: the VLAG PhD week. This course is a compulsory part of the VLAG education programme.
PhD candidates should spend 15% of their PhD research contract on their education programme. The arrangements regarding the contents of the educational programme are formalised within a Training and Supervision Plan, see below.

More information on

IV - Training and Supervision Plan (TSP)

The TSP is an instrument providing statutory rights and obligations to the PhD candidate and the supervisors.
The TSP contains:

  • A description of the educational programme of the PhD candidate. This part of the document should be seen as a declaration of intent and should be formulated upon consultation with the thesis supervisor.
  • A description of the teaching responsibilities of the PhD candidate. Teaching duties consist of assistance during laboratory practicals and supervision of undergraduates.
  • An agreement concerning the supervision provided by thesis supervisor and co-supervisor.

All PhD candidates are obliged to submit the TSP within 3 months following their appointment.

For more information on the TSP, click here.

Wageningen University PhD guide

VLAG PhD Pal Handbook

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