Celebrating 25 years VLAG

On December 12th 2019 the VLAG community will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the formal recognition of VLAG Graduate School and its first steps in 1994.

Focus of the celebration is our credo: Excellence in research and postgraduate education.
What does it mean to you? A PhD programme, a platform to collaborate,... What do we need to focus on in the coming years?

We have invited the VLAG PhD council and two VLAG alumni, Dr Martine Alles (Danone) and Prof. Joris Sprakel (WUR), to trigger the discussion by reflecting upon their experience, and sharing their views about the importance of the PhD education for the future career steps, whether in academia or industry.
Our parting scientific director will dwell upon his view on the Graduate School, while our future director will present her ambitions for VLAG.

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Moderator: Prof. Harry Bitter chair VLAG Board
14:30 Registration, birthday cake, coffee and tea
15:00 Welcome address by Prof. Harry Bitter
15:10 Discussion based on propositions
15:30 Alumni perspective by Prof. Joris Sprakel (Professor at Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter, WUR)
16:00 Alumni perspective by Dr Martine Alles (Science Catalyst Director - Danone Nutricia)
16:30 PhD-Quiz, by the VLAG PhD council
17:00 Legacy of a Scientific Director by Prof. Renger Witkamp, VLAG Scientific Director (2016-2019)
17:15 Ambition for the coming years by Prof. Karin Schroën, VLAG Scientific Director (2020-2023)
17:30 Wrap-up by Prof. Harry Bitter
17:45 Food & Drinks
20:00 VLAG Party!