Introduction to R

In this course, you will master the basics of this beautiful open source language. The aim is to provide an introduction to R, a computer language and environment for statistics and graphics. The course will focus on getting familiar with the R environment by means of RStudio, to use R for manipulation and exploration of data and to perform simple analysis. Basic programming as well as visualization of results in R will also be part of this course.

Target group/prerequisites

This 2-day course is meant for people who have no experience with R and no specific knowledge is required.

Course design

The course consist of demonstrations and computer practicals.

Program topics

Day 1:

  • Introduction to R and Rstudio;
  • Use standard programming constructs: loops, if-then-else statements, repetition, selection, functions, etc., to write basic program scripts to fully automate the statistical analyses;
  • Read data into R from various sources;
  • Extend the basic functionality of R with, specific, packages;

Day 2:

  • Write reports in Rmarkdown language in which the statistical analyses and results visualization are integrated, as being part of Reproducible Research;
  • Carry out simple analyses with the help of the R language and environment for statistical computing and write reports in Rmarkdown.

Date & duration:

Dates will be announced in due time

Study load:

The study load of this course is 0.7 ECTS credits.


Venue will be announced in due time


Costs will be announced in due time.


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