The VLAG Online Lecture Series - 2021

The VLAG scientific community is buzzing with ground breaking ideas, knowledge and expertise. As is often the case, they are shared with people in the field, but not necessarily within a broader setting. To introduce the numerous great topics that our researchers are working on, we are organising a series of live online VLAG expert lectures.

Organised by VLAG Graduate School in collaboration with scientists from Wageningen University and Research

Thu 10 June 2021 until Fri 31 December 2021

Duration Ongoing live online expert lecture series

The VLAG Online Lecture Series

In this lecture series VLAG scientists share their research endeavours with the whole VLAG community (PhD candidates, postdoctoral researchers and staff).

We invite all VLAG PhD candidates and other Wageningen University researchers to engage in as many lectures as possible, and especially to dive into subjects not closely related to one’s own field of research, to broaden the scientific horizons.

The live online lectures are brought to you via Virtual Classroom, a web-conferencing tool integrated in BrightSpace. All VLAG PhD candidates have access to the BrightSpace and can watch the recorded lectures.

In case PhD candidates opt for credit points for this activity, they will be asked to prepare for the lecture by reading a scientific publication suggested by the lecturer and to send in a number of questions about the topic. After each lecture (duration: 45 - 60 minutes) there will be time for questions and discussion (20 - 30 min).

Workload estimate:

Upon actively attending at least 4 lectures you will earn 0.5 ECTS
Upon actively attending at least 7 lectures you will earn 1 ECTS
Maximum number of ECTS credits to be earned = 1.5 ECTS

Lecture planning
date time Lecturer Lecture title
20-05-2021 10:15 - 12:00 Prof. John van Duynhoven Driving development of sustainable foods with advanced measurements
10-06-2021 10:15 - 12:00 Dr Jochem Louisse Towards regulatory acceptance of novel approach methods (NAMs) for a next-generation animal-free risk assessment of chemicals
17-06-2021 10:15 - 12:00 Dr Lydia Afman Precision Nutrition including Digital Twins concept

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