Financial support

VLAG has limited means to financially support the participation of VLAG PhD candidates in external courses.

In view of the large and diverse PhD community and broad scientific field, VLAG cannot organise all the courses needed by its PhD candidates. The PhD candidates are encouraged to attend courses organised by other parties in the Netherlands, or abroad. To facilitate this VLAG provides a budget of €4000 per year.

Criteria and procedure

  1. All VLAG PhD candidates can apply for this financial support.
  2. VLAG contribution should be used to finance the course fee.
  3. VLAG will contribute a maximum of 50% of the course fee, with a maximum of €400.
    It is expected that the PhD candidate, the research group and/or HRM department will cover the rest.
  4. Only PhD candidates with an approved Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) can apply for the support.
  5. A PhD candidate can make use of this facility once during the PhD period.
  6. PhD candidates applying for this subsidy should provide a written motivation (max. 1 page), a list of completed educational activities and the current status of their educational budget. The request should be signed by the PhD candidate and the thesis supervisor as a sign that he/she supports the request.
  7. The applicant should provide a proof of registration and a proof of attendence (e.g. a course certificate).

This documentation should be sent to the Graduate School office: Dr Anouk Geelen