Ongoing PhD projects D

Food Quality and Design

Annelies Blok: The role of molecular and structural diversity of biopolymers in dynamic sensory perception of texture and oral digestion.

Host-Microbe Interactomics

Stéphane Duboux: Probiotics processing conditions and their impact on biological activities.
Blanca Fernandez Ciruelos: Development of new antibiotics targeting histidine kinases regulating virulence mechanisms.
Marcela Fernandez Gutierrez: Mucosal interactions: High throughput screening and mechanisms.
Jori Führen: Mechanism of action and validation of anti-inflammatory activity executed by a StsP of L. plantarum.
Nuning Winaris: Exploiting microbiome to prevent and treat human diseases.

Human and Animal Physiology

Lianne Bouwman: Optimizing early life dietary carbohydrates to improve later-life metabolic health.
José Fernández Calleja: Optimizing early life dietary carbohydrates to improve later-life health.
Eveline Gart: Time resolved characterization of the development of NAFLD and the role of the gut and white adipose tissue therein.
Jeske Hageman: Effect of different fat sources on digestion and metabolism.
Marjanne van der Hoek: Carnitine in the dairy chain: a metabollically active compound with the potential to prevent postpone muscle decrease in elderly people.
Bart Lagerwaard: Pseudo hypoxia as a target for improving muscle mitochondrial fitness with mito-active food components during ageing.
Wenbiao Shi: Mechanisms underlying muscle function improvement by B-vitamins.
Taolin Yuan: White adipose tissue adaptive capacity.


Ran An: Colonic and ileal carbohydrate degradation in healthy adults and elderly.
Charmaine Chew: To characterize the effects os synbiotics on bactria colonization pattern/development of gut microbiota to promote gut health through various windows of opportunities from infancy to toddlerhood.
Emmy Van Daele: Impact of early life diet on microbiome development & later health.
Janneke Elzinga: Gut-on-a-chip.
Marina Fassarella: Carbohydrate-induced resilience of the gut microbiota after exposure to antibiotics.
Jannie Henderickx: The effect of a synbiotic nutritional supplement on white matter injury in preterm infants.
Lennart Kleinjans: Early life microbiota composition and nutrition might influence the development of an obesity phenotype.
Prokopis Konstanti: Exploring the gut-microbiota-brain axis as link between nutrition/lifestyle and impulsive/compulsive behaivours.
Giannis Kostopoulos: Glycans in early life effect the microbiome and determine health.
Thijs Nieuwkoop: Improving heterologous protein production by tweaking transcript elements.
Javier Ramiro Garcia: Gastro intestinal health.
Patrick Schimmel: Danone Early Life.
Sudarshan Shetty: Anaerobic microorganisms in the human intestine.
Dennis Versluis: Antibiotic resistance in the gut microbiome.
Hugo de Vries: The host-microbiota interactome in early life and its role in gut immune development.
Taojun Wang: Unravelling ecological concepts that drive general composition patterns, stability, perturbations, and major metabolite production in the intestine.
Carrie Wegh: The effect of prebiotics on symptoms of childhood constipation.
Caifang Wen: The host-microbiota interactome in early life and its role in gut development and fuctioning in farm animals throughout life.
Harm Wopereis: The development of intestinal microbiota in early infancy and its role in allergy.
Yifan Zhu: Microbial Host-virus interaction in human GI tract.

Nutrition & Disease

Harm van Baar: Association body composition and colorectal cancer.
Jesca Brouwer: Body fatness at adolescence, adult attained height and the development of tumours among persons with Lynch syndrome.
Anne Geijsen: Nutrition related biomarkers in the development and progression of colorectal cancer.
Laura Heusschen: Nutritional status after bariatric surgery.
Carlijn Lamers: Anti-inflammatory diet and exercise as "add-on" therapy in inflammatory Bowel Disease.
Elly Mertens: SUSFANS project; Modelling SHARP (Sustainablle, Healthy, Affordable, Reliable, Palatable) diets for EU consumers.
Kamalita Pertiwi: Survival of cardiovascular patients: A matter of fat?
Iris Rijnaarts: Diet as treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.
Merel van Veen: A task force on nutrition and cancer to improve nutritional care in cancer survivors.
Vera Wesselink: Vitamin D, inflammation and survival of colorectal cancer.
Liangzi Zhang: New approaches for the Dutch national food consumption surveys.
Moniek van Zutphen: Lifestlyle patterns after colorectal cancer diagnosis: role in cancer recurrence, comorbidities and survival.

Nutrition & Health over the Lifecourse

Ibukun Afolami: Efficacy of yellow cassava to improve vitamin A status of Nigerian preschool children.
Masresha Tessema Anegago: The impact of quality protein maize on child growth of Ethiopian children: A randomized controlled trial.
Fusta Azupogo: Ten2Twenty: The interplay between nutritional, social and economic pathways during adolescence among girls in Ghana.
Tesfaye Hailu Bekele: Food-based dietary guidelines and Healthy Eating Index for Ethiopian women.
Laura den Boeft: Effectiveness of an inpatient combined physical training and nutritional intervention in sarcopenic hip fracture patients.
Tsitsi Chimhashu: Bioequivalence of provitamin A carotenoids from indigenous African vegetables.
Esthika Dewiasty: Nutrition problems in Indonesian elderly population: Establishing their profiles, risk factors, diagnosis, prognosis and interventions.
Ellen van Dongen: ProMuscle in Practice: Resistance exercise and extra dietary protein to promote maintenance of functioning and indepence of community-dwelling elderly in Gelderland.
Marije van Doorn-van Atten: Physiodom HDIM.
Berber Dorhout: ProMuscle in Practice: Resistance exercise and dietary protein to promote maintenance of physical functioning and independence of community-dwelling elderly in Gelderland.
Anouk Gijbels: Effect of more personalised diets on metabolism and health.
Pol Grootswagers: Nutritional factors in relation to muscle health during ageing.
Aregash Hafebo: The use of local foods to cost-effectively improve complementary feeding in four regions in Ethiopia (Amhara, Tigray, Oromiya and SNNPR).
Laila van der Heijden: Children and adolescents with overweight or obesity: cardiovascular health and maintenance of weight and/or lifestyle after multidisciplinary treatment.
Ilse de Jager: Agricultural productivity and nutrition: linkages and drivers of smallholder farming households in Ghana and Kenya.
Pim Knuiman: Optimal timing of nutrient intake to improve exercise recovery and adaption in concurrent training.
Eric Matsiko: Adressing stunting in Rwanda: Designing improved complementary foods to reduce micronutrient deficiencies in children under 2 years.
Charlotte Michielsen: FoodBall: the Food Biomarker Alliance.
Son Nguyen: Sustainable nutrition and food system for healthy diets in Vietnam.
Lowela Padilla: Ten2Twenty: Nutritional, social and economic pathways for optimized adolescent nutrition for life course health and development in changing food systems.
Marielle de Rijk: Time to taste: A dietary intervention to improve wellbeing and fitness of overweight people with a disrupted circadian rhytm.
Ursula Trübswasser: Adolescent nutrition in urban food environments of Addis Ababa.
Thi Thuy Duong Van: Sustainable nutrition and food system for healthy diets in Vietnam.
Dulce Viegas Calçada: Systems biology of inflammation in the context of age-associated diseases.
Qiuzhen Wang: Diabetes in pulmonary tuberculosis and the effect of retinol and vitamin D supplementation.
Susanne Westenbrink: Quality of food composition databases in Europe, with emphasis on NEVO-online.
Arli Zárate Ortiz: Adolescents nutrition in Mexico, Ten2Twenty project.

Nutrition & Pharmacology

Tessa de Bie: Health effects of GABA from potato and tomato via regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and blood pressure.
Miranda van der Ende: The selfish tumour; changes in muscle micro-environment and energy homeostasis underlying cancer-induced muscle wasting.
Francisca Noya Leal: Role of bitter receptors GLP-1 stimulation and Type-2 diabetes.
Wout van Orten-Luiten: Drug-nutrition interactions: about associations between drug use and micronutrient levels and the impact of vitamin D on drug levels.
Rogier Plas: What moves wasting muscle?
Margriet Roelse: Receptomics.
Rieneke Terink: Micronutrients status and exercise stress markers to monitor training load and performance in athletes.
Paulien Vinke: At the heart of the matter: the role of fish-oil derived endocannabinoids, nutritional intervention and exercise in cardiac cachexia.

Nutrition, Metabolism & Genomics

Montserrat de la Rosa Rodriguez: Unravelling PPARa target genes in liver and whole body lipid metabolism.
Merel Defour: ENERGISE: Targeting energy metabolism to combat cardiovascular disease - Molecular targets to enhance energy metabolism and improve cardiometabolic health.
Lei Deng: Mechanisms and potential health effects of milk fat.
Xanthe van Dierendonck: The role of macrophage metabolism and functioning in driving obesity-induced inflammation and the development of type 2 diabetes.
Benthe van der Lugt: Flare versus remission in inflammatory bowel disease: a potential role for bile acid dysmetabolism?
Antwi Oteng: How to put a brake on fat: investigation of a novel mechanism of regulation of intracellular fat breakdown.
Jacqueline Ratter: Defective adipocyte clearance by phagocytosis during obesity: failure fo signals for a quiet meal promote inflammation and insulin resistance.
Philip Ruppert: ENERGISE - Targeting energy metabolism to combat cardiovascular disease.
Sophie Schutte: Belly fat.
Neeraj Sinha: The gut and dietary lipids: Systems biology of intestinal lipid metabolism.
Mara van Trijp: Kinetics of fermentation of fibres inside the lumen of the human gut, and its effect on human metabolism in vivo.

Plant Physiology

Carmen Diez Simon: CHEMOSENSE: data-driven approaches for food products with superior sensorial properties.

Sensory Science & Eating Behaviour

Janet van den Boer: Eating style and weight management.
Roelien van Bommel: Time to indulge in foods.
Lenneke van Bussel: Healthy and sustainable diets: bringing the consumer perspective to the table.
Ruoxuan Deng: Investigating gastric digestion of structured foods by MRI-bridging in vitro and in vivo data.
Amy van der Heijden: To like or not to like: on negotiating taste in children of families with lower socioeconomic status.
Eva Ketel: Physiological determinants of natural eating behaviour in consumers varying in age, ethnicity and eating capability.
Erna Krüsemann: The effect of flavor additives on attractiveness, product preference, and addictiveness of e-cigarettes.
Astrid van Langeveld: Taste, fat and texture properties in relation to the nutrient values of commonly consumed foods.
Marlou Lasschuijt: Satisfaction: parsing satiation.
Paulina Morquecho Campos: Food odors: The captain of your appetite?
Korrie Pol: Pulp2Value: Effects of fibre on glycaemic response, satiety, food intake and weight management.
Elbrich Postma: Smell and taste disorders: effects on food preferences, eating behaviour and the brain.
Santiago Rodas Moya: Preferences for food and nutritional supplements among adult people living with HIV in Malawi and Thailand.
Maria Isabel Salazar Cobo: Food and emotions.
Janneke Schultink: The what and how in weaning.
Vera van Stokkom: Taste development in relation to vegetable consumption of Dutch children aged 2-5 years old.
Irene Tijssen: Emotions as Nudges: Emotional reinforcement for healthy foods.
Rachelle de Vries: How to navigate a tempting food environment.

Systems and Synthetic Biology

Jesse Van Dam: Semantic data integration of omics data for automatic constraint-based model reconstruction.