Symposium 'Food for Future'


Food for Future Symposium

This symposium takes place over two days. A specific topic about food will be discussed each day. The topic on the first day will be Food production, while the topic of the second day will be Food processing and consumption.

Organised by 100 years WUR

Fri 22 June 2018 until Sat 23 June 2018

Venue Orion, building number 103
Bronland 1
6708 WH Wageningen
+31 (0) 317 48 87 77

During the two day symposium, trends and innovations throughout the food chain will be presented. On 22 June, visitors will participate in lectures that provide an overview of ongoing research on food production chains. The day will focus on innovations in breeding, cultivation, livestock farming, urban agriculture and fisheries, transitions in production chains and precision agriculture before finally turning the attention to the essential question: what do these concrete innovations contribute towards global food security?

The second day revolves around the consumer as a key player in the production and consumption chain. Preferences, nutritional values, diets, innovation acceptance and health will be discussed. This day will also touch on our future. Will we depend on 3D printed food and will everyone have a personal diet?

Lunch, dinners and a debate at the end of each day will offer opportunities to exchange thoughts and suggestions for each other’s field of work. Alongside the main programme there will also be parallel sessions about nutrition and sport, nutrition and children and what we should and should not eat.

More information on the event, including times and venues will soon be published.