Five PhD projects received funding through NWO and industry

Published on
January 23, 2017

The projects belong to the programme ‘System approaches for food and nutrition – partnership NWO-TIFN’ . In total 10 projects out of 34 proposals were approved.

Under the theme ‘Safeguarding product quality while using new sustainable sources and processing steps: a multi-scale and interdisciplinary approach’ projects were approved with as Principal Investigators

  • Costas Nikiforidis (Biobased Chemistry & Technology),
  • Peter Wierenga (Food Chemistry),
  • Karin Schroën (Food Process Engineering) and
  • Leonard Sagis (Physics & Physical Chemistry of Foods).

Under the theme ‘Unravelling the biology behind perceivable consumer benefits’ a project submitted by

  • Sanne Boesveldt (Sensory Science & Eating Behaviour) was selected for funding.