VLAG Calls

VLAG Open Rounds

The VLAG Open Rounds are only meant for Wageningen University research groups and research institutes participating in the Graduate School.

For additional information please contact Vesna Prsic.

Call for VLAG Graduate Programme 2022

The VLAG Graduate Programme involves the funding of at least one PhD position and aims to stimulate talented MSc students of Wageningen University to do a PhD within one of the VLAG groups. Applications are written and submitted by candidates who have obtained or will obtain a Wageningen MSc degree between June 2021 and December 2022. The PhD candidate and his/her project must be embedded in one of the VLAG groups and thus in VLAG.

Information on who can apply and what the time line is can be found in this document.

The slides from the information meeting (27 May 2021) can be found here. Q&A slides from previous information meetings are available here.

If you would like to participate in the VLAG Graduate Programme, please send your application to the executive secretary of VLAG, vlag@wur.nl before 16 January 2022. The Word version of the registration form can be found here.

Only selected candidates can submit a full PhD proposal for the VLAG Graduate Programme, the deadline is 9 May 2022.

VLAG Research fellowships

Research fellowships aim to promote the quality of scientific research and strengthen international collaborations. It is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) policy instrument for international cooperation that is successfully in use at WUR. Since mid-2020 we have extended the possibilities and at the same time set clear eligibility criteria for all activities.

We aim to support scientific activities and events that make ground breaking ideas available for the VLAG community, spark crosspollination of knowledge, and catalyse international collaboration by providing funding/grants/fellowships for:

PhD/Postdoc fellowships

for secondments at international institutes/universities


  • 1 November 2021 for activities starting in 2022. A second deadline for activities starting in 2022 is expected May 1st 2022, but only if there is budget left.

International experience is a vital ingredient for a successful academic career. To support this, VLAG provides grants which allow VLAG PhD candidates and Postdocs to visit a top research institute/university abroad. These grants cover expenses up to €1000 per month with a maximum of €3000 (for travel and housing based on actual costs) and will be administered via the chair group. The visit can be combined with an international course or conference but needs to include the visit of an international research group for at least 2 weeks. Fieldwork or other activities already covered in the original project are not eligible for this grant.


  • For PhD candidates: an approved Training and Supervision Plan (TSP), an approved research proposal, and a positive Go-decision
  • Substantiated and clear added value of the secondment to the research project of the candidate
  • Expected results in terms of establishing international networks or longer lasting work relations
  • Consent of the supervisor(s)
  • Written confirmation of host institute to be submitted before reimbursement
  • Within 4 weeks after the visit, a short ‘back to office report’ (1/2 A4) should be sent to VLAG

Selection of fellows is done by the VLAG Board taking into account all information provided, given the available budget, and the number and quality of all applications. No a priori selection criteria are set, but they might include the fair distribution of funds over VLAG Research Themes. Also, projects with limited funds, like VLAG Open round and bursary PhDs, might be prioritized.

Please use the application form

Visiting guest researchers

for sabbaticals, master classes and symposia

Continuous application

The research groups participating in VLAG Graduate School can request a subsidy for visiting researchers. These visits can vary from a sabbatical (usually 3-6 months) to a shorter visit of international top scientists in a specific research area (with the aim to be the main contributor to a master class or symposium). The maximum grant per visitor covers expenses up to € 1500 per month with a maximum of € 5000 (for hotel, rent and travel expenses based on actual costs) and will be administered via the chair group.

PhD thesis committee members invited by a chair group are not eligible for reimbursement of travel costs. VLAG may fund additional expenses in case such a researcher extends his or her stay to participate in a VLAG activity.


  • The visiting researcher is an expert in the field (e.g. Assistant Professor or more senior)
  • The duration of the stay in Wageningen is in line with the aim of the visit
  • The candidate has not been employed by WU, or spent a research period longer than a week in Wageningen in the last 3 years
  • Active contribution to the VLAG PhD programme as keynote speaker, lecturer or expert in a PhD education activity (e.g. PhD course, workshop, seminar, lecture, master class) is mandatory; the involved chair group is expected to host and co-organise the activity, and discuss the format with the VLAG PhD programme coordinator prior to applying for the grant
  • For a sabbatical the visiting researcher should contribute to the research of the hosting chair group
  • Within 4 weeks after the visit, a short report (1/2 A4) is sent to VLAG.

Please use the application form

International PhD excursions

International excursions by groups of PhD candidates

Continuous application

VLAG stimulates PhD candidates to organise group excursions to research facilities abroad. These excursions contribute to broadening PhD’s horizons, both from scientific and organizational points of view. The PhD excursions have a long tradition and are organised by a PhD committee. The motivation submitted by the PhD committee should include well-argued additional value of the excursion. Also, scientific staff members (thesis supervisors) are committed and are expected to accompany the PhD candidates.

PhD candidates receiving the grant have an approved VLAG Training and Supervision Plan (TSP). For PhD excursions lasting up to 8 days we provide each PhD candidate with a grant of € 250. For longer excursions the grant amounts up to € 400. Each PhD candidate receives the VLAG support at most twice.

when who action
~ 1 year before the excursion Organisers Request for VLAG funding using the application form: motivation, program, expected number of participants and budget (estimated costs and income incl. sponsoring)
a.s.a.p. VLAG Approval
~ 3 months before the excursion Organisers Provide final list of participants, program, and project number using the application form (final version)
a.s.a.p. VLAG Money transferred to chair group
within 4 weeks after excursion Organisers Back to office report sent to VLAG for the VLAG Newsletter; we like to receive a nice (group) picture and a few sentences describing the excursion

For more information visit the webpage PhD excursions