PhD lunch lectures

The VLAG PhD council organizes a continuing series of lectures for VLAG PhD candidates on topics of interest in the fields in which VLAG operates, given by people already working in these fields.

The aim of these lectures is to give people working on their PhD an opportunity to see their work in context of the world and to bring together the different groups within VLAG. The lecture includes a lunch in which PhD candidates from different groups are able to meet and have informal discussions.

PhD lunch lectures






    Lunch Discussion about Tenure Track System
    29 October 2015

    A tasty free lunch and a very interactive discussion about the tenure track system illustrated this lunch lecture. 30 VLAG PhD candidates joined the lecture to discuss together with Ineke Ammerlaan (Management board AFSG), Elke Scholten (assistant professor in tenure track at FPH) and Gerry Jager (assistant professor in tenure track at HNE) the current tenure track system at Wageningen University.

    Prof. Willem van Berkel (VLAG PhD counsellor (vertrouwenspersoon))
    7 May 2015

    Prof. Emmo Meijer (Chairman of the Top Consortium for Agri&Food in the Netherlands, former Corporate Director Research & Development FrieslandCampina)
    17 February 2015

    Academic Dialogue: Understanding and Improving our Influence. But in what direction…? - Marc Lamers (Corporate Communications & Marketing General)
    12 November 2014

    Marc Lamers
    Marc Lamers

    On the 12th of November 40 VLAG PhD candidates attended Marc Lamers talk about the new direction in terms of communication of Wageningen University as Louise Fresco emphasized in her speech at the Opening of the Academic Year in September. Marc did not have a PowerPoint presentation, nor video, just words to spark a dialogue with the students. The old type of communication, based mainly on the sender-receiver concept, is not suited anymore for our modern time in which scientific results are now regarded as statements and opinions, and where everybody is entitled to an opinion, even without having good knowledge about a certain topic. If this change is not acknowledged, science and the public could get out of touch with each other and can cause inertia in innovation as well as social exclusion, with drastic consequences to the environment and ultimately our future. Therefore Wageningen University is moving forward by using dialogue rather than one-sided communication. Engaging in dialogue is now also preferred over debating, because it helps to align instead of opposing people. VLAG PhD candidates heard how old-fashioned or classical meetings, such as open seminars, can be changed into this type of dialogues. Also enquiries about how to include the public feelings and views in this dialogue, were discussed.

    Students and entrepreneurship - StartLife
    5 June 2014

    In this lunch lecture StartLife showed us how to start up new businesses with an idea or contribution to innovative technology and how does StartLife help making accessible pre-seed loans for the creation and development of a company.
    StartLife is the rst point of contact for new entrepreneurs in the agro, food and biobased economy. StartLife is an initiative to create business opportunities and employment, and to contribute to the development and application of sustainable technological innovations.

    Do It Yourself (DIY) biology - Pieter van Boheemen (Waag Society Amsterdam)
    28 February 2014

    For the 4th VLAG PhD Lunch, the VLAG PhD council hosted Waag Society Amsterdam: Institute for art, science & technology. Pieter van Boheemen explainen the aspects of Do It Yourself (DIY) biology, a concept which was created to bring research to the public and build the bridge between different scientific fields. Pieter is a life science technologist and works as a project developer for Waag Society's Open Wetlab where he mixes his Genomics degree with a lot of experience in IT.