External courses

Course overview from other Wageningen Graduate Schools

VLAG Partner Institutes


Based on the recommendations of PhD candidates, an overview of interesting sites has been made.

  • ABS
    Applied Bioscience Graduate School
    The Finnish Graduate School on Applied Bioscience: Bioengineering, Food & Nutrition, Environment
  • ANLP
    African Nutrition Leadership Programme
    The aim of the programme is to assist in the development of future leaders in the field of human nutrition in Africa.
  • BioBusiness Summer School
    The five-day intensive programme of the BioBusiness Summer School gives an introduction to the business world of Life Sciences.
  • BioTech Delft
    BioTech Delft offers several courses in the area of biotechnology (Bioprocess Design, Downstream processing, Microbial Physiology and Fermentation Technology, etc).
  • ENLP
    European Nutrition Leadership Programme
    Usually takes place in April, Luxembourg
    The aim of the programme is to assist in the development of future leaders in the field of human nutrition in Europe.
    Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen
    FOOD.KU offers several courses in the areas of Food Chemistry and Food Microbiology.
  • Han-sur-Lesse Physical Chemistry Winter School
    Usually takes place in January, Belgium
    The goal of the winter school is to inform participants about modern aspects of physical chemistry and to promote the distribution of knowledge of new concepts in this field.
  • Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry

    The mission of the HRSMC is to provide PhD students with high-level educational training. For this purpose they offer a selection of courses; Molecular Modeling, Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry, Photophysics, photochemistry and photobiology and Targeted Synthesis Challenges.

  • INRA
    Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
  • MolMed
    Erasmus Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine
    MolMed organises a large number of courses for PhD candidates involved in molecular work.
  • NanoNextNL
    NanoNextNL is a national (Dutch) innovation programme on micro and nanotechnology.
  • NIBI
    Nederlands Instituut voor Biologie
    NIBI organises for example courses Research management.
  • NIHES (Epidemiology & Public Health)
    Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences
    NIHES offers a range of courses in the area of epidemiology
    School for Nutrition, Toxicology and Metabolism
  • OSPT (Process Engineering)
    Onderzoekschool Proces Technologie / Graduate School on Process Technology
    One research group (Food process engineering) participates in VLAG and in OSPT. OSPT coordinates a number of courses in the area of process engineering.
  • PhD courses in Denmark
    Joint database of PhD courses at all Danish universities.
  • SAFE
    Science for Safe Food in Europe
    Wageningen University is a member of the SAFE-consortium. SAFE organises short courses (2 days) in Brussels.
  • Summerschools in Europe
  • Wageningen University & Research Centre for Development Innovation
    Programme of specialist courses for mid-career professionals partly conducted in the Netherlands and partly in Africa and Asia. The course 'Governance & food safety in international chains' and courses within the 'Secure and Healthy Food programme' might be of interest to VLAG PhD candidates.
  • Workshop for researchers considering careers in industry