Ongoing PhD projects A

Biobased Chemistry and Technology

Farnoosh Fasaei: System analysis algae biorefineries.
Xinhua Goerner-Hu: Assessment of existing and new fether processing methods for industrial implementation to improve protein quallity.
Tim Hoogstad:a Real time monitoring fo reactions using micro NMR spectroscopy.
Sanne Moejes: Redesign of the milk powder chain.
Gerben Wierda: Real time monitoring fo reactions using micro NMR spectroscopy.
Evie van der Wijst: Selective polysaccharide oxidation - new catalysts and new chains (SEPO).


BioNano Technology

Camilla Facciotti: Supramolecular Polymer-based Micelles for Sequential Orthogonal Assembly and Disassembly.


Tatiana Nikolaeva: Small-angele scattering and NMR methods for dynamic multiscale structural characterization of foods (SSCANFoods).

Bioprocess Engineering

Fabian Abiusi: Mixotrophic cultivation of microalgae.
Robin Barten: Bioprospecting and directed evolution of microalgae for cultivation on Bonaire.
Anna Bohnenkamp: Bioprocess engineering for ethyl acetate production.
Sebastian Canizales Gomez: Cyanophycin from urine.
Rocca Chin-On: Design of a floating photobioreactor for passive temperature control and optimal light distribution.

Narcís Ferrer Ledo: Strain improvement of microalgae for the production of omega-3 fatty acids and fucoxanthin.
Pauline Folch: Calcium lactate as a raw material for the production of chemicals under anaerobic conditions.
Thijs Gerritzen: Production of bioengineered outer membrane vesicles as a vaccine platform.
Emre Günerken: Disruption of single cell biomass as a first step in the recovery of intracellular metabolites.
Kylie Hesp: Immortalizing sponge cell culture.
Guangyuan Jin: Key parameters and kinetics of Chinese liquor solid-state fermentation.
Malgorzata Krolicka: Chit 4 value; Efficient chemo-enzymatic routes for the production of high-value chemicals and materials from chitin.
Dennis Lamers: Production of triacylglycerol with oleaginous yeasts.
Calvin Lo: Deep Eutectic Solvents as a novel extraction system for microalgae.
Camilo Muñoz Segovia: Metabolic engineering of eukaryotic microalgae for improved production of lipid components.
Stephanie Munroe: BluePharm Train Project.

Bárbara de Oliveira Meireles Vaz Guimarães: Improving the mineral content in microalgal biomass for aquaculture.
Pieter Oostlander: Robust algae cultivation for aquaculture industry.
Enrico Orsi: Green Terpene: Sustainable production of terpenes by redesigning isoprene biosynthesis.
Mihris Naduthodi: Tailored microalgae as a sustainable oil crop production platform.
Renske Rinzema: Algae to Future (A2F).
Kira Schipper: Algae for CO2 capture and sequestration.
Edgar Suarez Garcia: AlgaePro4you.
Catalina Suarez Ruiz: AlgaeParc Biorefinery.

Christian Südfeld: Tailored microalgae as a sustainable oil crop production platform.
Vincent van der Vlist: Enzymatic catalysis for the production of biobased monomers and polymers based upon them.

Food & Biobased Research

Frits van der Klis: Selective catalytic C-O bond making and bond breaking in non-edible carbohydrates.

Food Process Engineering

Ali Ammari: Mild Extraction of Low Molecular weight Organic substances.
Herehau Blais
: Developing a state of the art membrane separation platform for production of next generation dairy fraction powders for use in nutritional powder applications.
Eline Both: More efficient and better spray drying by multicomponent analysis of single droplet drying.
Izabella Bouhid de Aguiar: Filtration of porous and deformable particles.
Ivanna Colijn
: Nano packaging.
Patricia Duque Estrada: Nutritional value of texturized plant protein bled fortified with microencapsulated iron.
Pina Fritz: SAFE: Sustainable Adsorption of Fine components Extraction.
Juliana Romero Guzman: Tailoring the interactions of oil bodies and co-extracted proteins in food models.
Dimitri Karefyllakis: Mild fractionation and biorefinery of sunflower press cake for food purposes.
Jun Qiu: Exploration on mild drying technologies for more efficient dehydration of liquid concentrated foods
Anja Schröder: Tailored functionalities through structure design: New food emulsions stabilised by solid lipid nanoparticles.
Anton Schultze-Jena: High Capacity Adsorptive/Chromatographic Fractionation.
Isabel Siemons: Multi-scale understanding and control of spray drying processes.
Evelien Vaessen: Electroporation-mediated transfer of protective solutes into bacterial cells for increasing robustness of living bacteria during dehydration.

Jan-Eise Vuist: Film Freeze concentration.

Host-Microbe Interactomics

Kim Duintjer: The upper gastro-intestinal tract microbiota and its possible role in gluten sensitivity.
Simon van der Els: Non-GMO methodologies for introducing desirable traits in food grade LAB and Bacilli-FS10.
Avis Nugroho: Evolutionalry trade-offs in dairy fermentations: Environmental modulation of lactococcal enzyme activities and its impact on cheese.
Berdien van Olst: Evolutionary trade-offs in dairy fermentations - Proteome dynamics.
Kristiina Vind
: Novel sources of microbial diversity for new antibiotics.


Belén Adiego Pérez: ShaPR (Shaping CRISPR scissors and synthetic tools for multiplexed, high-throughput genome editing in yeast).
Sjoerd Creutzburg: Development of a universal HT screenings-method.
Mamou Diallo: Sporulation and its significance to butanol production in C. acetobutylicum.
Max Finger Bou: Building a synthetic cell.
Joyshree Ganguly: Genetic tool development and sporulation mechanisms in thermophilic clostridia.
Sharon Geerlings: Akkermansia muciniphila as a model organism representing Verrucomicrobia in the gut.
Hikmah Hassan: Study on the synbiotic effect of Indonesian local tubers-based resistant starch in modulating gut microbiota.
Jorrit Hegge: The Journey of the Agronautes.
Ismael Hinojo Muñoz: Discovery of novel nuclease for genome editing applications.
Joep Houkes: Building a Synthetic Cell (BaSyC).
Indra Indraningrat: Isolation, identification and characterization of sponge-associated microbes producing novel antibiotics.
Jeroen Koendjbiharie: Metabolic engineering of thermophilic clostridia for production of dicarboxylic acids
Jie Lian: Functional metagenomics of microalgae-bacteria consortia to improve large-scale outdoor algae cultivation.
Prarthana Mohanraju: Molecular characterization of the novel Cpf1-type CRISPR-Cas system.
Ioannis Mougiakos: High-throughput alternatives for generation and screening of variant bacterial production strains.
Carina Nieuwenweg: Gene drives: friend or foe? Surpassing Mendelian inheritance rules using CRISPR-powered gene drives
Costas Patinios: Biobased Production of Valuable Ester Compounds by a Novel Type Alcohol Acetyl Transferase.
Catarina Sales e Santos Loureiro: "Mare incognita"- from exploration to exploitation: Sponge microbiota metabolites for improved gut health.
Huu Dat Ton That: Mining the metagenome of sponge-associated microorganisms from the central coastal region of Vietnam for antimicrobial compounds.
Despoina Trasanidou: Exploiting the anti-CRISPR potential to enhance the CRISPR genome engineering toolbox.
Aleksandr Umanetc: Design and properties of the complex microbial communities derived from wildlife, domestic animals and human.
Jochem Vink: How prokaryotes do not forgive nor forget their enemies.
Marnix Vlot: How invaders suppress CRISPR-mediated immunity.
Wen Wu: Create toolbox using Cpf1 for bacterial genome engineering.

Systems and Synthetic Biology

Tom van den Bergh
: Protein superfamily data integration.
Lyon Bruinsma
: Metabolic engineering of Pseudomonas putida for industrial purposes.
Benoît Carreres: Systems Biology of microalgae as photosynthetic platform for tailored production of chemical building blocks and biomass.
Stamatios Damalas: Genome engineering of Pseudomonas.

Erika Gaspari: Full cell modelling of Mycoplasma pneumoniae.
Linde Kampers
: Construction of Psuedomonas putida chassis derivatives tailored for optimal functioning in industrial biocatalysis.
Emma Keizer: Stochastic processes in synthetic biology.
Thanaporn Laothanachareon: A genetical-genomics systems approach to production of organic acids in Aspergillus Niger.

Rik van Rosmalen: Integration, reduction and verification of dynamic metabolic models.
Thi Tuyet Nhung Pham: Model driven metabolic engineering of microorganism.
Niels Zondervan: Improving outcome of Necrotizing fasciitis: Elucidation of complex Host and pathogen Signatures that Dictae Severity of Tissue Infection.