Ongoing PhD projects E


Koen Martens: Probing submicron anisotropic food structures using single-nanoparticle diffusometry.

Organic Chemistry

Pepijn Beekman: EV Diagnostics for monitoring therapy.
Alyssa van den Boom
: Singlet fission-sensitized silicon solar cells.
Jorick Bruins: Development of the next generation of antibody-drug conjugates.
Ian de Bus: Fishing for endogenous inhibitors of inflammation derived from 'omega-3 fatty acids'; unravelling the interactions between N-docos ahexaenoylethanolamide and cyclooxygenase COX-2.
Annemieke van Dam-Engelbert: Self-healing perfluoropolymers for highly polymer repellent coatings.
Ellen Dautzenberg
: Covalent organic framework for capacitive gas sensing.
Gamaethiralalage: Electrochemical methods for sustainable nutrients recovery.
Freddie van Geenen: Next generation ambient mass spectrometry for (bio)polymers and smart materials.
Alice Guarneri: Synthetic nicotinamide coenzyme biomimetics in photobiocatalysis.
Michel de Haan: Beauti-Fully BioBased Fibres.
Jordi Keijzer: Trigger-Responsive Protein Modification using Switchable DNA Devices.
Andriy Kuzmyn: Novel non-fouling bioaffinity micro-sieves for integrated sample preparation.
Esther Roeven: Antifouling coatings based on zwitterionic dendrimers.
Sevil Şahin: Synthetic studies towards polymeric membranes bearing ion-selective receptors for electro-driven separation of ions.
Sybren Schoustra: Tuneable imine-based dynamic polymer networks.
Kaustub Singh: Synthesis of Sodium-selective extractant for treatment of irrigation water.
Lucas Teunissen: Responsive surface properties by non-sticking copolymer brushes on modified steels.

Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter

Nicolò Alvisi: Designing protein for biosensors.
Riccardo Antonelli
: Watching ink dry.
Vahid Asadi Alghalandis
: High Fidelity 3D Printing of Designed Polymer Materials.
Inge Bos: A minimal reaction-assembly network.
Jochem Bronkhorst: Illuminating complex self-assembly with molecular force sensors.
Jesse Buijs: Visualizing complex flows with laser speckle imaging.
Marco Dompè: Development of underwater bioadhesives.
Jan Maarten van Doorn: Mechanics of designed hybrid colloidal networks.
Aurélie Féat: Advanced adhesion paints.
Aljosha Filippov
: Sticky when wet: Bioinspired nanostructured complex coacervates for wet environments Maarten van Heek: Microdynamics of patterned adhesion.
Ilse van Hees: Sticky when wet: bioinspired nanostructured complex coacervate adhesives for wet environments.
Riahna Kembaren: Coacervate protein carriers with application-dependent stability and delivery properties.
Hanne van der Kooij
: Film Formation in Complex Colloidal Coatings.
Niek de Lange: Supported double bilayers: a platform to assess the stability of biomembranes exposed to perturbing stimuli.
Xiufeng Li: Green proteins as barrier layers.
Lucile Michels: Peptide functionalized conjugated polymer as force sensor.
Bob Mulder: Controlling multiphase flow.
Vu Duc Huy Nguyen: Smart colloids form cellulose using natural deep eutectic solvents.
Melle Punter: Understanding the molecular basis of syneresis in hybrid biopolymer networks.
Pieter van der Scheer: Tuning capillary interactions by anisotropic interfacial curvature.
Ramanathan Varadharajan: Accelerated langevin-dynamic self consitent field hybrid computation for modeling microemulsions.
Joanne Verweij: Modelling the complex rheology of hybrid networks.
Lione Willems: An artificial virus replicating in a cellular host: orthogonal self-assembly in complex biomolecular mixtures.
Qimeng Wu: Effects of the dispersed oil phase volume fraction and size distribution and hybrid networks in the continuous phase on the physical properties of (food) emulsions.

Systems and Synthetic Biology

Enrique Asín Garcia: Recoding P. putida for biosafety purposes.
Christos Batianis:
Construction of P. putida chassis derivatives tailored for optimal functioning in industrial biocatalysis.
Warasirin Sornlek: Expoiting natural and artificial diversity of industrial yeast strains from Thailand for the production of valuable platform chemicals from feedstocks.