Ongoing PhD projects D

Food Quality and Design

Annelies Blok: The role of molecular and structural diversity of biopolymers in dynamic sensory perception of texture and oral digestion.
Zhan Huang
: Effect of food technology and digestion of the content of AhR ligands form Brassica vegetables.

Host-Microbe Interactomics

Stéphane Duboux: Probiotics processing conditions and their impact on biological activities.
Blanca Fernandez Ciruelos: Development of new antibiotics targeting histidine kinases regulating virulence mechanisms.
Marcela Fernandez Gutierrez: Mucosal interactions: High throughput screening and mechanisms.
Jori Führen: Match making between pre- and probiotics for enhanced in situ delivery in the intestinal tract.
Nuning Winaris: Exploiting microbiome to prevent and treat human diseases.

Human and Animal Physiology

Lianne Bouwman: Optimizing early life dietary carbohydrates to improve later-life metabolic health.
José Fernández Calleja: Optimizing early life dietary carbohydrates to improve later-life health.
Eveline Gart: Time resolved characterization of the development of NAFLD and the role of the gut and white adipose tissue therein.
Jeske Hageman: Effect of different fat sources on digestion and metabolism.
Marjanne van der Hoek: Carnitine in the dairy chain: a metabollically active compound with the potential to prevent postpone muscle decrease in elderly people.
Bart Lagerwaard: Pseudo hypoxia as a target for improving muscle mitochondrial fitness with mito-active food components during ageing.
Wenbiao Shi: Mechanisms underlying muscle function improvement by B-vitamins.
Taolin Yuan: White adipose tissue adaptive capacity.


Ran An: Colonic and ileal carbohydrate degradation in healthy adults and elderly.
Charmaine Chew: To characterize the effects os synbiotics on bactria colonization pattern/development of gut microbiota to promote gut health through various windows of opportunities from infancy to toddlerhood.
Emmy Van Daele: Impact of early life diet on microbiome development & later health.
Janneke Elzinga: Gut-on-a-chip.
Martha Endika: Early life effect of human milk oligosaccharides and prebiotics on antibiotic associated gut microbiota changes and health.
Marina Fassarella: Carbohydrate-induced resilience of the gut microbiota after exposure to antibiotics.
Jannie Henderickx: The effect of a synbiotic nutritional supplement on white matter injury in preterm infants.
Lennart Kleinjans: Early life microbiota composition and nutrition might influence the development of an obesity phenotype.
Prokopis Konstanti: Exploring the gut-microbiota-brain axis as link between nutrition/lifestyle and impulsive/compulsive behaivours.
Giannis Kostopoulos: Glycans in early life effect the microbiome and determine health.
Kate Ligthart
: Biogenesis and function of Akkermansia pili.
Zhuang Liu: Effect of non-digestible carbohydrates on microbiota and activity: towards microbiota stratification.
Thijs Nieuwkoop: Improving heterologous protein production by tweaking transcript elements.
ngshan Ou: Intestinal microbiota and social behavior in puberty and adolescence: the moderating role of gender.
Javier Ramiro Garcia: Gastro intestinal health.
Patrick Schimmel: Danone Early Life.
Sudarshan Shetty: Anaerobic microorganisms in the human intestine.
Dennis Versluis: Antibiotic resistance in the gut microbiome.
Hugo de Vries: The host-microbiota interactome in early life and its role in gut immune development.
Taojun Wang: Unravelling ecological concepts that drive general composition patterns, stability, perturbations, and major metabolite production in the intestine.
Carrie Wegh: The effect of prebiotics on symptoms of childhood constipation.
Caifang Wen: The host-microbiota interactome in early life and its role in gut development and fuctioning in farm animals throughout life.
Harm Wopereis: The development of intestinal microbiota in early infancy and its role in allergy.
Yifan Zhu: Microbial Host-virus interaction in human GI tract.

Nutrition & Disease

Harm van Baar: Association body composition and colorectal cancer.
Jesca Brouwer: Body fatness at adolescence, adult attained height and the development of tumours among persons with Lynch syndrome.
Anne Geijsen: Nutrition related biomarkers in the development and progression of colorectal cancer.
Laura Heusschen: Nutritional status after bariatric surgery.
Maria Gorety Jacobo Cejudo
: Relation between different beverages consumption with the CVD mortality and incident diabetes in the Alpha Omega Cohort: epidemiological studies and gene-diet interactions.
Carlijn Lamers: Anti-inflammatory diet and exercise as "add-on" therapy in inflammatory Bowel Disease.
Elly Mertens: SUSFANS project; Modelling SHARP (Sustainablle, Healthy, Affordable, Reliable, Palatable) diets for EU consumers.
Kamalita Pertiwi: Survival of cardiovascular patients: A matter of fat?
Iris Rijnaarts: Diet as treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.
Merel van Veen: A task force on nutrition and cancer to improve nutritional care in cancer survivors.
Vera Wesselink: Vitamin D, inflammation and survival of colorectal cancer.
Liangzi Zhang: New approaches for the Dutch national food consumption surveys.
Moniek van Zutphen: Lifestlyle patterns after colorectal cancer diagnosis: role in cancer recurrence, comorbidities and survival.

Nutrition & Health over the Lifecourse

Ibukun Afolami: Efficacy of yellow cassava to improve vitamin A status of Nigerian preschool children.
Masresha Tessema Anegago: The impact of quality protein maize on child growth of Ethiopian children: A randomized controlled trial.
Fusta Azupogo: Ten2Twenty: The interplay between nutritional, social and economic pathways during adolescence among girls in Ghana.
Tesfaye Hailu Bekele: Food-based dietary guidelines and Healthy Eating Index for Ethiopian women.
Laura den Boeft: Effectiveness of an inpatient combined physical training and nutritional intervention in sarcopenic hip fracture patients.
Tsitsi Chimhashu: Bioequivalence of provitamin A carotenoids from indigenous African vegetables.
Esthika Dewiasty: Nutrition problems in Indonesian elderly population: Establishing their profiles, risk factors, diagnosis, prognosis and interventions.
Ellen van Dongen: ProMuscle in Practice: Resistance exercise and extra dietary protein to promote maintenance of functioning and indepence of community-dwelling elderly in Gelderland.
Marije van Doorn-van Atten: Physiodom HDIM.
Berber Dorhout: ProMuscle in Practice: Resistance exercise and dietary protein to promote maintenance of physical functioning and independence of community-dwelling elderly in Gelderland.
Anouk Gijbels: Effect of more personalised diets on metabolism and health.
Inge Groenendijk: Osteoporosis: the importance of a higher protein intake for the bone metabolism of the elderly.
Pol Grootswagers: Nutritional factors in relation to muscle health during ageing.
Aregash Hafebo: The use of local foods to cost-effectively improve complementary feeding in four regions in Ethiopia (Amhara, Tigray, Oromiya and SNNPR).
Laila van der Heijden: Children and adolescents with overweight or obesity: cardiovascular health and maintenance of weight and/or lifestyle after multidisciplinary treatment.
Umi Kalsum binti Hussain Zaki
: Bioavailability of phytoestrogens in protein based food for weight management.
Ilse de Jager: Agricultural productivity and nutrition: linkages and drivers of smallholder farming households in Ghana and Kenya.
Pim Knuiman: Optimal timing of nutrient intake to improve exercise recovery and adaption in concurrent training.
Desiree Lucassen
: Development and evaluation of apps for nutrition and health behavior research.
Eric Matsiko: Adressing stunting in Rwanda: Designing improved complementary foods to reduce micronutrient deficiencies in children under 2 years.
Charlotte Michielsen: FoodBall: the Food Biomarker Alliance.
Katherine Li
: Cardioferment. Associating markers of intake of fermented foods with cardiometabolic factors in a real-life observational cohort.
Son Nguyen: Sustainable nutrition and food system for healthy diets in Vietnam.
Aafke Nijhuis:
Fruit and vegetable intake in Nigeria.
Adedotun Owolabi
: The role of dairy (milk) nutrition in the life cycle of selected vulnerable Nigerian target populations, and evidence finding nutritional interventions to explore, upscale and anchor food system changes for healthier diets in Nigeria.
Lowela Padilla: Ten2Twenty: Nutritional, social and economic pathways for optimized adolescent nutrition for life course health and development in changing food systems.
Marielle de Rijk: Time to taste: A dietary intervention to improve wellbeing and fitness of overweight people with a disrupted circadian rhytm.
Ursula Trübswasser: Adolescent nutrition in urban food environments of Addis Ababa.
Thi Thuy Duong Van: Sustainable nutrition and food system for healthy diets in Vietnam.
Dulce Viegas Calçada: Systems biology of inflammation in the context of age-associated diseases.
Qiuzhen Wang: Diabetes in pulmonary tuberculosis and the effect of retinol and vitamin D supplementation.
Susanne Westenbrink: Quality of food composition databases in Europe, with emphasis on NEVO-online.
Arli Zárate Ortiz: Adolescents nutrition in Mexico, Ten2Twenty project.
Kesso Gabrielle van Zutphen: Double burden of malnutrition.

Nutrition & Pharmacology

Tessa de Bie: Health effects of GABA from potato and tomato via regulation of carbohydrate metabolism and blood pressure.
Miranda van der Ende: The selfish tumour; changes in muscle micro-environment and energy homeostasis underlying cancer-induced muscle wasting.
Francisca Noya Leal: Role of bitter receptors GLP-1 stimulation and Type-2 diabetes.
Wout van Orten-Luiten: Drug-nutrition interactions: about associations between drug use and micronutrient levels and the impact of vitamin D on drug levels.
Rogier Plas: What moves wasting muscle?
Margriet Roelse: Receptomics.
Rieneke Terink: Micronutrients status and exercise stress markers to monitor training load and performance in athletes.
Paulien Vinke: At the heart of the matter: the role of fish-oil derived endocannabinoids, nutritional intervention and exercise in cardiac cachexia.

Nutrition, Metabolism & Genomics

Montserrat de la Rosa Rodriguez: Unravelling PPARa target genes in liver and whole body lipid metabolism.
Merel Defour: ENERGISE: Targeting energy metabolism to combat cardiovascular disease - Molecular targets to enhance energy metabolism and improve cardiometabolic health.
Lei Deng: Mechanisms and potential health effects of milk fat.
Xanthe van Dierendonck: The role of macrophage metabolism and functioning in driving obesity-induced inflammation and the development of type 2 diabetes.
Benthe van der Lugt: Flare versus remission in inflammatory bowel disease: a potential role for bile acid dysmetabolism?
Antwi Oteng: How to put a brake on fat: investigation of a novel mechanism of regulation of intracellular fat breakdown.
Jacqueline Ratter: Defective adipocyte clearance by phagocytosis during obesity: failure fo signals for a quiet meal promote inflammation and insulin resistance.
Philip Ruppert: ENERGISE - Targeting energy metabolism to combat cardiovascular disease.
Neeraj Sinha: The gut and dietary lipids: Systems biology of intestinal lipid metabolism.
Mara van Trijp: Kinetics of fermentation of fibres inside the lumen of the human gut, and its effect on human metabolism in vivo.

Plant Physiology

Carmen Diez Simon: CHEMOSENSE: data-driven approaches for food products with superior sensorial properties.

Sensory Science & Eating Behaviour

Roelien van Bommel: Time to indulge in foods.
Lenneke van Bussel: Healthy and sustainable diets: bringing the consumer perspective to the table.
Ruoxuan Deng: Investigating gastric digestion of structured foods by MRI-bridging in vitro and in vivo data.
Amy van der Heijden: To like or not to like: on negotiating taste in children of families with lower socioeconomic status.
Eva Ketel: Physiological determinants of natural eating behaviour in consumers varying in age, ethnicity and eating capability.
Erna Krüsemann: The effect of flavor additives on attractiveness, product preference, and addictiveness of e-cigarettes.
Marlou Lasschuijt: Satisfaction: parsing satiation.
Paulina Morquecho Campos: Food odors: The captain of your appetite?
Korrie Pol: Pulp2Value: Effects of fibre on glycaemic response, satiety, food intake and weight management.
Elbrich Postma: Smell and taste disorders: effects on food preferences, eating behaviour and the brain.
Santiago Rodas Moya: Preferences for food and nutritional supplements among adult people living with HIV in Malawi and Thailand.
Maria Isabel Salazar Cobo: Food and emotions.
Janneke Schultink: The what and how in weaning.
Michelle Steenvoorden
: The role of taste in satiation (Infants and todlers).
Rachelle de Vries: How to navigate a tempting food environment.

Systems and Synthetic Biology