Ongoing PhD projects B

Biobased Chemistry and Technology

Cynthia Klostermann: Towards versatile, antibiotic-specific carbohydrate-formulations for decreasing antibiotics-use and side-effects.
Eleni Ntone: Oil body-protein mixtures for food emulsions.
Laura Schijven: Food-grade lipoproteins as nanocarriers of therapeutic agents and diagnostics.
Lakshminarasimhan Sridharan: Protein-starch mixtures for food emulsions (Sustainable food ingredients).


Suyeon Yang: Localisation of oxidation: interfaces and transport / non-invasive and dynamic multiscale mapping of lipid oxidation.

Food Chemistry

Evan Abrahamse: Kinetics of protein digestion.
Silvia Andini: Antimicrobial compounds from elicited cereals.
Judith Bijlsma
: Iron-phytochemical interactions.
Hugo Branco Cardoso: Maillard modification of proteins.
Wouter de Bruijn: Prenylation of isoflavonoids.
Ilona Bruins Slot: INFLAME (Improving gluteN-Free Labelling: chain Analysis and detection Method development).
Danny Deng: Effects of processing of dietary proteins on their immunogenecity.
Gijs van Erven: Lignin analysis and degradation.
Fangjie Gu: CarboHealth – Toolbox for the identification of healthy oligo- and polysaccharides.
Roelant Hilgers: Phenolics mediated copper enzymes.
Éva Jermendi: Carbs make the difference: how pectins fuel immunity.
Sylvia Kallis Angel: Tapping nature's ingenuity - Natural microbial control.
Dimitris Kouzounis
: Feed enzymes.
Eleni Lazaridi
: Using oxylipidomics to study lipid oxidation in emulsified foods.
Dazhi Liu: Composition, structural characteristic of pectin from different apple cultivars and their effect on processed apple products.
Yusi Liu
: Proteomic studies of glycosylation of fungal immunomodulatory proteins (FIPs) on their anti-tumor activities.
Zhibin Liu: Phenolics from old tea leaves.
Madelon Logtenberg: Toward controlled steering of microbiota and immunity in infants by non-digestible carbohydrates
Bianca Martens: Starch digestion in pigs - Explaining and predicting factors in digestibility, behaviour and feeding value in pigs with physical and chemical properties of starches used in feed.

Maud Meijers: Predictive estimation of emulsion and foam properties of plant protein mixtures.
Donny Merkx: Mechanism-based markers for early lipid oxidation in food emulsions.
Kuan Rei Ng: Microbial engineering of prenylated isoflavonoids for functional food applications.
Carolina Oliveira Pandeirada: Revealing polysaccharide molecular structures.
Peicheng Sun: How enzymatic oxidative cleavage boosts hydrolytic degradation of plant biomass for the production of chemicals and materials.

Junfeng Tan: Endogenous Oxidation of Phenolics from Green Tea Leaves (Camellia sinensis L.) Harvested in Different Seasons.
Sjors Verstege: Fostering students' higher order laboratory research skills using digital educational games. Jianli Wang: Mapping lipid oxidation pathways in emulsions.

Food Process Engineering

Jan Bühler: Towards the use of pulses as ingredient for meat analogues.
Alime Cengiz: Novel methods on producing emulsion based iron delivery systems.
Steven Cornet: Towards a next generation meat analogues.
Boxin Deng
: Microfluidic methods to prepare and characterize monodisperse emulsions.
Nynke Draijer: Production chains for plant protein products: chain efficiencies and product quality.
Ruben Halfwerk: Recovery of valuable, heat sensitive products and concentrates by Eutectic Freeze Crystallization.

Emma Hinderink: Food emulsion stabilized by synergistic blends of dairy and plant proteins.
Lina Hu: A mechanistic study on transport phenomena during drying of vegetables.
Wanqing Jia: Towards the use of rapeseed and sunflower as ingredient for meat analogues.

Sirinan Lasrichan: Enzyme extraction of value-added compounds from food agricultural materials. Katharina Münch: Interfacial routes for lipid oxidation control.

Yu Peng: Mild fractionation of plant based materials for sustainable plant based protein foods.
Andrea Rivera del Rio: Optimization of plant protein digestibility and absorption to prevent metabolism from colonic microbiota.
Zulhaj Rizki: Design of membrane cascades for fractionation of agro-material at elevated concentration.
Floor Schreuders: Texture generation with green proteins.
Joanne Siccama: Asparagus as a model for 'Waste to taste' initiative: Natural Vegetable Ingredients from Vegetable Waste.
Henry Tanudjaja: Alleviating Membrane Fouling in Membrane-based Food Applications.
Martijn Weterings: Prediction and optimization of the preformance of flavours in food processing.
Qinhui Xing: Dry fractionation for novel functional ingredients.
Zhaojun Wang: Formation of hierarchically structured, fibrous materials from plant proteins.
Sicong Zhu: Design and sensory perception of multi-scale food structures fabricated by 3D printing.

Food Quality and Design

Valentina Acierno: Food authentication with PIMMS (Proton Ionization Molecular Mass Spectrometry).
Naomi Arita Merino: The influence of TAG composition on milk fat rheology and crystallization behaviour.
Fitriyono Ayustaningwarno: Food processing and nutrition antioxidant system in red dragon fruit during processing.
Nur Alim Bahmid: Effect of isothiocyanate antimicrobial compounds in film; development and application of an antimicrobial packaging.
Femke Brouwer-Damen: Happy vs Healthy, conflicting values in food choice behaviour.
Pieter Dekker: Breast milk peptides and allergy development.
Arianne van Eck: Macroscopic food structure heterogeneities: bolus properties, oral processing behaviour, sensory perception and liking of composite foods.
Onu Ekpa: Improvement of maize-based foods in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Mohèb Elwakiel: Variability in composition of Chinese human milk.
Jilu Feng: Design of functional foods based on protein-polysaccharide micro/nanogel particles.
Lucía Frez Muñoz: Analysing consumer food choice and perceived quality of international traditional products.
Andrijana Horvat: Food design system dynamics.
Folake Idowu-Adebayo: Turmeric (Curcumin longa) from Nigeria: Utilization, consumer awareness, composition, functional properties and impact of processing on digestion and nutritional quality.
Jochen Kleboth: Exploring dynamic systems analysis to support risk-based auditing in the food chain.
Jonna Koper: Tailoring the design of antioxidant dietary fibres to optimize health benefits of polyphenols.
James Ledo: Quality control, dairy quality and the role of inclusive business models along dairy chains in East Africa (LIQUID project).
Faith Manditsera: Studies on the safety and nutrient bio-accessibility of selected indigenous edible insects of Zimbabwe.
Kulwa Furahisha Miraji: Improving food security in Tanzania by improving bioavailability of nutrients and sensory attributes of local rice-based products.
Shingai Nyarugwe: Systematic analysis of the influence of food safety culture on the microbiological safety performance of food processing systems in Zimbabwe.
Sergio Oey: Optimization of refining process of vegetable oils and fats in order to reduce process contaminants.
Sara Pacheco Pappenheim: Tag composition and cristalization behavior in milk.
Michele Pedrotti: Rapid and non-invasive quality control of raw materials by direct-injection mass specrometry and correlation with sensory analysis.
Fabiola Peña Correa
: Evaluation of melanoidins formation in the roasting process of Colombian origin cocoa and their human biotransformation by in vitro digestion.
Sydney Phiri: Processing high protein munkoyo with increased probiotic viability.
Ana Maria Rovalino Cordova: Strategies to design food with lower glycemic index for diabetes prevention and management.
Elisa di Stefano: Food matrix and disease prevention.
Ita Sulistyawati: Processing of several tropical fruits: Understanding the effects on sensory properties, texture and nutritional composition.
Li Wang: Food packaging and modeling.
Isis van Wetten: Special traits of vegetable oils reflected in thermal characteristics: botanical and production origin in food applications.
Yajing Xie
: Analyses and kinetic models to predict the formation of thermal process contaminant in food products.
Ling Xiong: Effect of heating on immune-bovine milk proteins.
Jing Yan: Developing untargeted physical/chemical methods for characterization and authentication of oils.
Yuzheng Yang: Milk authenticity and fraud mitigation.
Hongwei Yu: Novel spectroscopic approaches for the characterization of quality and identity-related key features of peanuts and peanut butter.
Mostafa Zahir: The relationship between plant cell wall and bio-accessibility of hydrophilic intracellular nutrients/phytochemicals.
Hannah Zenker: Chemical and physical changes of intensively heated cow's milk and it's allergenic properties.
Chunyue Zhang: Influence of somatic cell count and bacterial quality of raw milk on UHT milk.

Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods

Monica Aguayo Mendoza: Bolus properties, oral processing behavior, dynamic sensory perception and liking of foods in consumer varying in oral physiology, age and ethnicity.
Huifang Cai: Engineering of cheese texture by modifying in the curd.
Belinda Dewi: Structuring by phase separation of biopolymer.
Claudine Diedericks: Properties of Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.) protein and polysaccharide solutions and gels.
Philipp Fuhrmann: Effect of spatial distribution of fat droplets on oral processing behaviour and dynamic sensory perception of gelled foods.
Aref Ghorbani: Mechanical metamaterial, design and application.
Remco Kornet: Physics of sustainable ingredients.
Lei Ji: Texture of oral nutritional beverages: Using rheology, tribology and oral coating to provide guidelines for improved textural attributes.
Zhihong Lyu: Characterisation of the microstructural, mechanical and functional properties of heat-treated casein gels.
Melika Motaghian: Meta material design from order to disorder.
Parisa Rashtchi: Architecting mechanical properties of biofilms.
Raisa Rudge: Resolving the rub in food friction.
Marco Santagiuliana: Microscopic food structure heterogeneities: Influence of mechanical contrast in foods of bolus properties, oral processing behaviour, sensory perception and liking.
Leen Sturtewagen: Food microstructure system dynamics.
Wenjie Xia: Functionality of enzymatically modified soy proteins in emulsions and hydrogel based encapsulation systems.
Jack Yang: Nonlinear surface rheology and microstructure of interfaces stabilized by complex protein extracts and their link to emulsion & foam stability.
Qiuhuizi Yang: From seeds to high protein drinks using dry fractionation.
Xiaoning Zhang
: Improving the physicochemical stability of functional dairy drinks.
Xilong Zhou: Effects of milk powder composition on stability and physical properties of recombined dairy cream.

Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter

Sven Boots: From bond breaking to material failure in soft polymer networks - Failure of networks with controlled heterogeneity.
Dana te Brinke: Oat β glucan - protein interactions in sustainably produced food ingredients.
Raoul Frijns: From bond breaking to material failure in soft polymer networks - Failure of networks with transient crosslinks.

Justin Tauber: Soft Break.