3 sandwich-PhD grants through NFP

Published on
January 19, 2017

The Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) selected three proposals, submitted through VLAG, from VLAG affiliated chair groups for funding. For VLAG this was a score of 50%, in total WU received 9 sandwich-PhD grants.

The projects that were approved are:

Mrs. Felicia Akuamoa (Ghana): Toxicological risk assessment of selected Ghanaian aphrodisiac herbal products. Supervisors Jochem Louisse, Karsten Beekman and Ivonne Rietjens (Toxicology)

Mr. Isaac Omwenga (Kenya): Development of combined in vitro-in silico methods to asses mixture of food contaminants. Supervisors Jochem Louisse and Ivonne Rietjens (Toxicology)

Mr. Kulwa Miraji (Tanzania): Improving food security in Tanzania by improving bioavailability of nutrient and sensory attributes of local rice-based products. Supervisors Eduardo Capuano and Vincenzo Fogliano (Food Quality & Design)