Advanced Course Bioprocess Design

With recent advances in molecular biology and a growing biomass availability for use as industrial feedstock, the bio-based economy is getting a wider range of inputs. Scaling up the bio(techno)logy innovations and implementation in large-scale factories or biorefineries clearly is a present bottleneck: industries are struggling to get the bio-opportunities to the market, as experienced industrial bioprocess designers and operational experts are not readily available to meet the growing needs.

Organised by BioTech Delft in co-operation with the Graduate School VLAG
Venue Delft, The Netherlands

Teachers from universities and companies have joint forces and will present a program that centers around industrial fermentation processes, and is flanked by overviews on upstream and downstream processing. The focus of the course is on design of innovative microbial fermentations, for bio-products such as amino acids and monomers for bio-plastics, complemented with examples of marine and mammalian processes, for micro-algae products and bio-pharmaceuticals. A substantial part (ca. 40% of the time) will be dedicated to a case study, executed in teams of 4-6 participants, on the design of a bioprocess for the production of a chemical (1,4-butanediol). Basic theory on thermodynamic, microbial stoichiometry and kinetics, transport phenomena and scale up/down will be extensively applied and integrated. The team with the best design performance wins the Genomatica Bioprocess Design prize. There are several guest lecturers from leading universities and industries in the bioprocess field, providing latest insights in technology innovations, non-conventional feedstocks and new bio-product categories, complemented with views from the industrial practice.

Online or on-site participation

It will be possible to attend this course online as well as on-site. Online would mean you follow the course real-time, but from a computer. It will also be possible to attend the social events online, to interact with the participants and speakers. Expect for the course dinner. Up until 4 weeks in advance of the course you can change your way of participating. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

The Advanced Course Bioprocess Design is cooperatively organised by the Graduate School VLAG and BioTech Delft.

For more information please visit the course website of BioTechDelft.