Finishing a PhD

the final phase; you will find all the steps to take on the WUR PhD Programme webpage.

VLAG education certificate

To obtain the VLAG education certificate at your graduation, you have to send your list of educational activities and if applicable the overview of your teaching activities (final TSP activities) to your contact person at the VLAG secretariat as soon as your graduation date is fixed. The education coordinator can then judge whether the requirements for the VLAG certificate are met.
The format of this list is equal to the format used for the update of the TSP (the Excell file which you received enclosed in the approval of your TSP e-mail), but instead of the planned activities, state the finished educational and teaching activities.
Also include the following in your email:

  • graduation date and time
  • title of the thesis
  • thesis supervisors and co-supervisors
  • place and date of birth

Send your request to Yvonne Smolders or Cornelia van Bree-Evers

You will need to have the approval of your list of training activities before your are going to print your thesis.

Educational programme & printed thesis

The Doctorate Conferral Regulations (Promotiereglement) state that the completed educational activities must be reported on the next-to-last page preferably on a single page according to the format of the Graduate School if the doctoral student has obtained the Education Certificate of the Graduate School.

    This list can be a simplified version of the educational programme used to obtain the VLAG education certificate. It is sufficient to specify the kind of course (discipline specific activities, general courses, other activities) and the year in which the course was attended. Use the English language, and avoid using abbreviations that can only be understood by specialists.
    The title of this page in the printed thesis should be: “Overview of completed training activities”.

    More information can be found in the Doctorate Conferral Regulations on the Wageningen University website.