VLAG PhD Council

The VLAG PhD council consists on a group of PhD candidates from different research groups within VLAG. We look after the specific interests of the VLAG PhD candidates (e.g. education programme, labour agreement, etc.) and inform them about relevant developments. We communicate with other PhD councils, and organize scientific and social activities for the VLAG PhD community.

If you have questions, ideas for activities to develop you would like to share or if you are interested in joining the council yourself, then please get in touch!

Current VLAG Council

Canan Aksoy - Chair group ORC

Patrick Barendse - Chair group BIC

Ruth Boachie - Chair group FQD

Nizar Doshi - Chair group PCC

Nienke Eijkelboom - Chair group FPE

Ellard Hooiveld - Chair group PCC

Maria Cejudo Jabobo - Chair group HNH

Sam Kuijpers - Chair group BIP

Robert Leliveld - Chair group FPH

Koen Manusama - Chair group HNH

Pedro Monino Fernandez - Chair group BPE

Sara Moreno Paz - Chair group SSB

Katharina Nitsche - Chair group TOX

Sabine van Oossanen - Chair group BPE/SSB

Dmitry Pirgach - Chair group BCT

Vittorio Rainaldi - Chair group MIB

Diana Soto Aquilar - Chair group FQD

Quinten Steffens - Chair group FPE

Jinmeng Yang - Chair group HAP