PhD defence

Ecophysiological behaviour of Listeria monocytogenes in Agaricus bisporus mushroom processing environments

PhD candidate Frank FB (Frank) Lake MSc
Promotor MW (Heidy) den Besten
prof.dr. T (Tjakko) Abee
Co-promotor dr. LS (Leo) van Overbeek
Organisation Wageningen University, Food Microbiology Laboratory

Tue 10 October 2023 11:00 to 12:30

Venue Omnia, building number 105
Hoge Steeg 2
6708 PH Wageningen
+31 (0) 317 - 484500
Room Auditorium


The presence of the human pathogen Listeria monocytogenes in food products may be harmful for consumers as it may cause foodborne illnesses. Therefore, insights in the behaviour of L. monocytogenes in food processing environments are needed to control the contamination of food products. This thesis focuses on the ecophysiological behaviour of L. monocytogenes in the production and processing environments of frozen sliced Agaricus bisporus mushrooms.

It showed that L. monocytogenes is able to grow in A. bisporus mushroom products and is able to attach and grow on surfaces relevant for the post harvest handling and processing environments. Removal of L. monocytogenes by cleaning and disinfection regimes was surface type-dependent, highlighting the need of effective cleaning and disinfection procedures.