Life Sciences Data Integration Challenge

Data science is revolutionizing our understanding of biology in biotechnology and systems health… Can you uncover something new in one week?

Current and future scientific problems require multi-disciplinary solutions and research teams composed of members from broad domain backgrounds. To train our future researchers, the Life Sciences Data Integration Challenge 2024 is targeted at MSc students and PhD candidates from life science, biotechnology, and bioinformatics fields. Over 5 days, participants will form multi-disciplinary teams to analyse a research problem using data science, statistical analysis and mechanistic models, with the aim of uncovering new insights and observations.

Organised by VLAG Graduate School in co-operation with the Laboratory of Systems and Synthetic Biology Group, Wageningen University and Research

Mon 18 November 2024 until Fri 22 November 2024

Venue Wageningen Campus, Wageningen, the Netherlands